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Stingray Aquarium is located in the heart of South America, in the wonderful country of Peru. Being the largest Peruvian Exporter, we aim to be a strategic business partner offering your esteemed company our most valuable asset; Trust. Along with it; we understand that competition in this Global world depends on a series of key factors such as:


Non stop communication and constant information about our stock; this is why we try to work within your local business hours; providing a friendly reply in reasonable time.


Prompt answer to your requests; with all the information you may require; pictures, sizes, behavior, feeding, handling, water parameters, acclimatization processes.



Stock list



Our main facility, the Operations center, is located in the heart of South America, Iquitos; in the wonderful country of Peru; we have a large 15,000 square meter land and modern complex where we hold over 2,000 tanks with capacity of 150 liters each, more than 200 ponds of assorted dimensions to assure constant supply of good quality fish and 70 big natural ponds where we keep the fish in a natural environment during the off season. This allows us to provide very healthy fish during all the year even during the raining season.  We also have stations in Pucallpa, Madre de Dios and in some small villages like Bretaña, Santa Elena, Islandia and Río Blanco. Another facility, in Lima, has a water treatment plant with reverse osmosis equipment, to perform re-packing to all our shipments and decrease the transit time while the fish are in transit at this airport.




Some expeditions are organized with participation of our fellow customers from overseas and in these trips we all joy the beautiful nature and discover wonderful areas while fishing and finding new species. We experience a beautiful time traveling along the river in our boats and also camping in the amazing preserved areas a Nanay river, Pacaya Samiria and El Dorado and much more areas.




Packing is an important process; we do it step by step and with special care.

Specifically designed Packing room with new techniques and comfort for the process.


Packaging of tropical fish requires special care by knowing the exact amount of oxygen, the parameters of water by getting the appropriate boxes with high density Styrofoam and paraffin-waxed cardboard boxes. Additional insulation and heat packs are used if required.


Another important part of our process is trading; we provide our customers with constant communications, a friendly and prompt reply to their needs, precise information on the fish requested and information on flight schedules, rates and costs

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Contact us

Francisco Pin Lombardi

General Manager

Mobile: +51 65 965619239

Phone: +5165600984

Fax: +5165600985

E-Mail: fpin@stingray-aquarium.com


Stingray Aquarium SAC


Calle Las Malvinas s/n Sector 8  -


Caserío Rumococha - Maynas - Loreto - Perú